Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing

Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing

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About Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing LeaderPod

Why Focus on Planning?

“I have used these methods to prioritize, plan, and execute for most of my life. During a particularly difficult span of time I had a full-time job, taught as an adjunct professor, was getting a doctorate, coached varsity football and basketball at a high school, and was raising a family of eight children - all at the same time. ‘Overwhelmed’ is an understatement for the way I felt. The pressure was immense. I attribute my survival of that time first, to my wife who is a constant support and help to me, and second to the techniques of being able to efficiently prioritize and work on those things that mattered most.”

(Gordon E. Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247)

Planning is an important business competency that requires a leader to invest thoughtful and deliberate energy. Leaders who plan well and execute well help their organizations accelerate to objectives. An outgrowth of a leader’s ability to plan and execute is that they and their people have more fulfilling work, more meaningful experiences, and they develop technically and professionally by being part of a culture that can prioritize, plan, and execute work. 

In this LeaderPod we cover four essential principles to help advance abilities in the planning competency: (a) Prioritizing, (b) Strategic Planning, (c) Project Planning, and (d) Leading Execution.

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