Motivating and Inspiring Others

Motivating and Inspiring Others

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About Motivating and Inspiring Others LeaderPod

Modern era leaders play a unique role in facilitating organizational success by helping their people tap into their own motivations in order to perform at the highest levels that are both personally and professionally satisfying.

Understanding what motivates a person is a basic key to being an effective leader.

While there may be similarities between the people we lead and their motivations, deep down each person is unique. Getting people to follow our leadership will depend on how well we understand our own “why,” the company “why,” and our people’s personal “why.”

What Skills Will You Gain?

  • You will gain a fundamental understanding of key theories in the evolution of management thought on motivation and to look for ways to apply the underlying principles of motivation in our leadership efforts.
  • You will gain a deeper appreciation for the purpose of work in the lives of the people we lead and consider ways that we as leaders can build greater meaning into the work we design.
  • You will deepen your reflection about why people follow leaders.
  • You will personally explore your own “why,” the “why” of your organization, and the “why” of individuals on your team.
  • You will begin to develop a deeper insight into how a leader can use their position to help people reach higher levels of performance.

A Message from the Founder

About LeaderPods

This product is an independent-use electronic LeaderPod. A LeaderPod is an interactive digital resource. 

The LeaderPod technology enables you to personalize your experience.

  • Take notes.
  • Highlight content.
  • Print pages.
  • Download content as a PDF.
  • Respond to personal development questions and activities.
  • Track all of your responses in your personal notebook.

Each LeaderPod contains a collection of written, video, and audio content.