Empowering and Delegating

Empowering and Delegating

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About Empowering and Delegating LeaderPod

There is a Difference Between Empower and Delegate


Empowerment is a fundamental leadership skill but it isn't as easy as saying, "I'm empowering you." It is important that leaders give consideration to who is empowered and to what degree they are empowered. In this LeaderPod we present a simple but powerful recipe to understand what empowerment is and how to empower others.


Delegating is an art and there are fundamental elements that need to be in place for proper delegation to occur. When leaders delegate effectively their teams perform at a higher level and the leader is able to scale their efforts because more people are involved in important and trusted assignments. In this LeaderPod we also focus on the fundamental elements of delegating. 

What Skills Will You Gain?

  • You'll learn the recipe for empowerment and become a leader who consciously empowers others.
  • You'll learn the fundamental elements of properly delegating an assignment.
  • You will be able to recognize the responsibility of a leader to train others and to embrace concepts of micro-learning to help develop their team members.
  • You will be able to recognize the process that builds social capital inside an organization and you will then build stronger relationships that extend throughout your peer network, which will increase your social capital.

A Message from the Founder

About LeaderPods

This product is an independent-use electronic LeaderPod. A LeaderPod is an interactive digital resource. 

The LeaderPod technology enables you to personalize your experience.

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