Difficult People and Difficult Conversations

Difficult People and Difficult Conversations

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About Difficult People and Difficult Conversations LeaderPod

Here's the truth - most people want to do well. They want to achieve, perform, and be successful. Still, there are times when even our best workers find themselves in situations where they have become a challenge to us or others. Helping people break through those negative moments to find their way back into high-performance is a competitive advantage of a good leader.

In this interactive LeaderPod you'll gain practical experience in skill sets related to the difficult people and difficult conversations topic.

What Skills Will You Gain?

  • You'll gain a deeper understanding for how to work with challenging employees and business situations.
  • You'll begin developing tools and processes to help you prepare for and deliver difficult communications.
  • You'll recognize when and how to self-correct when you have made a mistake.

A Message from the Founder

About LeaderPods

This product is an independent-use electronic LeaderPod. A LeaderPod is an interactive digital resource. 

The LeaderPod technology enables you to personalize your experience.

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